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About Jill Carter-Hansen

Welcome to my Web site and I hope you will visit again as more images will be added as time allows. Please also see and hear my work on the Jill Carter-Hansen Channel on YouTube.

Because I work across, often combining, a number of mediums you will find a variety of techniques used, however the major influences either directly or indirectly in concept or direct application, have been painting and photography.

The POSTER FOR PEACE is available for purchase by clicking on the poster image above. It is an A1 size printed on duotone on 300 gsm high quality paper and is composed of collaged photogram images. It resembles a very large single photograph. I have been involved with both environmental and peace organisations for many years, and have been able to continue to assist these organisations for a number of years through sales of my work. This image PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS has been developed from earlier material, originally sold in New Zealand where Greenpeace and the Peace Foundation were and still are prominent in the community. It is held in the collections of the NSW State Library and the Australian War Museum.

The photographs are from separate periods. My first camera was a Kodak Box Brownie, a Christmas present received at the age of 8. Animals and people were my first subject matter. Both remain, along with attempts to capture fleeting moments of incident. Later a period of freelance photojournalism, mainly of people in the arts followed. I love black and while prints, but the richness of colour drew me to the use of transparency film. I prefer using natural light. Digital manipulation using Photoshop is an ongoing process.

Several years ago on discovering the potential in the solar-etching process, printmaking resurfaced. It has strong connections to photography without the lung damaging chemicals. Again, manipulation by digital software programs makes for more varied possibilities. Print images are available for sale on request. Please e-mail me for prices.

Drawings and paintings are often inspired from photographic "discoveries" with ideas connecting, interweaving, integrating and sometimes separating over time.

Three animated films, together with a number of still and displayed imagery and background material were recently shown at the Manly Regional Gallery in Sydney, where I gave three public presentations in November 2005.

Commissions in various mediums can be undertaken, please contact me for more information.

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