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The history of the PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS poster spans more than two decades and we are very excited to announce that you now have the opportunity to participate in and own a part of this artwork's fascinating history and also help spread its very important message.

The Poster for Peace was originally designed as a photo montage in a smaller format in 1983 to assist fundraising in New Zealand at the time of the Cold War. It was later sold by the Auckland Branch of the Foundation for Peace Studies and an example is held in the collection of the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

The artist has been involved with both environmental and peace organisations for many years, and has been able to continue to assist these organisations for a number of years through sales of her artistic works. This image PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS has been developed from earlier material, originally sold in New Zealand where Greenpeace and the Peace Foundation were and still are prominent in the community.

In 2003, following the increase in tensions in the world after September 11, the artist digitally reworked the image to an A1 size from a remaining A6 sized printed card of the same image also produced in 1983, as the original artwork had been lost.

The original artwork read PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS, ACT NOW. This later version reads simply PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS. This later version is currently held in the collections of the New South Wales State Library (Sydney, Australia) and the Australian War Museum (Canberra, Australia).

The image
is composed of collaged photogram images and resembles a very large single photograph. The poster is A1 size (592 x 865mm or 23 1/2 x 34 inches including the border of approximately 60 mm or 2 3/8 inches) and printed in duotone on very high quality 300 grams per square metre paper with a satin matt finish.
The poster is currently not available from any other outlet, but only via the artist directly from this Web site, to maintain quality control of each and every print that gets made. Buyers will receive the poster direct from the artist in a durable cardboard cylinder and orders are normally posted within 7 days.

There is a limited edition of 100 signed posters from the original run, that have been individually signed by the artist. You may also request the artist to place a special message in addition to the signature on your poster by ordering one of these limited prints by clicking the Buy Limited Edition link to the left.

We hope that by displaying this poster in a prominent location in your office or home that it serves as a daily reminder to those who see it that peace really is in their hands. A glance at this artwork may very well assist a person in a moment of conflict, anger or upset to realise they can choose to bring peace into their own life and to those around them, therefore creating peace and love locally with potentially far-reaching ripple effects with today's interconnected world.

Act now and get PEACE IS IN YOUR HANDS.

For any order queries, please e-mail orders@visionaryimages.com.au

Return policy: If you have received a damaged order, simply return it and we will send you a replacement.

Limited Edition
signed by artist
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