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Recent Work - These images - from a current series "Equestrian", are numbered 2 - 4 at this point as I work on completing the additional
6 - 8 images in this series. They mainly began with a key image printed several times in different ways with each image then the starting point of further development to comment on the various roles the horse has played in myth and culture. The finished points become paintings in print, as all the additional shapes are taken from existing prints or experimental printed surfaces that I have saved in my studio.

For more information or to see originals please contact Jill.

small self-portrait
130 x 124 mm
somewhere else
182 x 140 mm
132 x 208 mm
412 x 305 mm
prints are done using the photo-polymer etching process and are hand printed in limited editions on professional quality paper
for gripping family
185 x 292 mm
from series of 4 tool images entitled Indespensible Implements
132 x 288 mm
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